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Let your eyes speak for themselves by applying mascara. Your lashes will appear fuller and longer, giving you a beautiful eye look. Find the right mascara that suits you best and complete your eye look by combining it with an eye shadow and eye pencil. Shop your makeup products at


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The best mascara

There are so many different types that there really is no such thing as the best mascara. You choose the product you like and what suits your lashes. Whether this is a black volume mascara with a curved brush or a blue mascara that provides length, the many different types such as color, shape of brushes and the effect allow you to create a beautiful eye look with your favorite eye makeup!

Types of mascara


Mascara can come in almost any color you can think of, but the most commonly chosen color is black. Our runner up of a black mascara is the ZAO Bamboe Black Definition, it provides lengthening, fuller and thicker lashes. The ZAO Bamboe Plum is a beautiful color that creates an enchanting look. Try something different from the standard black color and create a different eye look.


There are also many different mascara brushes. The difference in brush also gives the difference in the effect. Would you like to create volume or length or do you just want to give the lashes a subtle color? The mascara brush determines this. Also pay close attention to whether the brush matches your lashes.

  • Silicone brushes: These brushes do not absorb product into the brush. This has the effect of spreading the product easily and well over the lashes. The result: fewer clumps on the lashes. There are different types of silicone brushes.
  • Brushes with bristles: With these brushes, you go for volume. Zig zag the brush through the lashes and you have instantly created dark and full lashes. Because this brush absorbs a lot of product, you may get clumps faster.
  • Pointed bristle brush: The pointed tip allows you to easily take the lashes in the corners of your eyes. This brush also absorbs a lot of product, so you may get clumps a little faster.
  • Curved Brushes: The brush with a pre-shaped arch. This one is useful for creating a natural elevator. The brush fits nicely to the lashes and eye shape. This kind is available is both the brush with bristles and the silicone variety.
  • Brushes with multiple bulges: You see them coming by more and more, the brushes with a distinct shape. These are made for creating length and volume.

A regular or waterproof mascara.

A "regular" is made with a water base. This is also the reason why you can easily and quickly remove this product from your lashes. A waterproof mascara is useful if, for example, you have to cycle through the rain, if you like to swim or if you tear a lot. This way you avoid the panda effect. This version is more difficult to take off, though. You need a water-in-oil remover. Choose for example the RoC Double Action Eye Make-up Remover.


Would you like a volume mascara or rather one that gives length to the lashes? Or even both? There are many different types with the same effect. It is therefore important that you choose the effect you like, the brush that suits your lashes and a waterproof or regular mascara. Have you found the perfect mascara? Then you can create the desired look with your lashes.



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