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Vegan hair products

Vegan hair products


What are Vegan products exactly? Have you been wondering this too? Or are you already completely familiar with it and don't buy anything else? Vegan is becoming more and more popular and we understand why. Vegan hair products contain no ingredients from animals. Vegan products are also not tested on animals, which is why they are called cruelty free. However, please note that just because it says 'cruelty free' it does not mean that the product is vegan. It may be that the product has not been tested on animals but still contains animal ingredients. As a vegan, you naturally want vegan hair products.

We have noticed that there is an increasing demand for vegan products, which is of course a great trend. More and more brands are offering vegan products or are completely vegan. At Salontotal, you'll find a wide range of vegan hair care products, from shampoos, hair masks and skincare to leave-in sprays. 

Why vegan products are good

You may be thinking... Yeah, but why would I necessarily buy vegan products? Vegan hair products are better for sensitive skin and contain milder and fewer ingredients that make it feel softer. Of course, it's good for the animals because, let's face it, it's better and it feels nicer. In addition, the packaging is often eco-friendly. Vegan brands often pay attention to a good cause or set up projects for a better world, so you are not only investing in the product for yourself but also for the world. The products are not more expensive, as they used to be. The prices are now the same as for other hair products, which makes it easier to switch. Years ago, vegan products often didn't have the same effect as non-vegan products, but that's no longer the case - they are equivalent and work really well!

How do you recognise a vegan product?

You can recognise it by the vegan logo, which is part of an international vegan trademark. Products with this seal are free of animal ingredients and have not been tested on animals. Since 1990, the seal has helped indicate whether a product is free of animal ingredients. In addition, there are many vegan products that have not yet joined the label, but this will only grow and be added in the future. See below for the three most common recognised vegan labels.


What are common animal ingredients?

These are common naturally occurring ingredients that you may not find in vegan products. Some products may have a vegan origin, but when this is not mentioned I will not assume this. I list them for you below:


Beeswax is a natural wax made by bees, and is often used in face masks and hand creams.


Carmine comes from an insect, the cochineal louse. The louse gives off a bright red colour and is used, for example, in make-up.


This is extracted from the bones and skin of animals. Collagen ensures the firmness and elasticity of the skin and is often used in care products, such as anti-ageing products. Nowadays there is also collagen extracted from plants.


Elastin is an elastic protein found in our connective tissue. It ensures that the connective tissue in the body regains its original shape. As you get older, this can become less. Elastin is often used in creams and lotions.


It softens the hair, gives shine, reduces frizz, strengthens the hair and helps against hair loss. Originally it comes from animal oil, but increasingly it has a vegetable base.


Lanolin is the fat found in sheep's wool. The wool is washed and then the water evaporated, leaving wool grease. This can be used in hair products such as moisturisers.


Secreted by certain insects, mainly the silkworm. It is often found in hair products or lotions because it moisturises, protects and provides shine.


A natural sweet substance produced by bees. Often used in shampoos/conditioners. Fortunately, there are plenty of herbal alternatives to honey.


Keratin is a popular ingredient in various hair products and is used mainly for damaged hair. It is a protein found in nails, hooves, horns, beaks and feathers.


This is used in hair care products because it has a moisturising effect. It is found in both plant and animal sources.

Again, as indicated, some of these ingredients may have a vegan origin, meaning that they are no longer extracted from animal products. If this is the case, it will be clearly indicated with a vegan label or you can find it on the brand's website.


Our vegan favourites

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