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Bath salts and oils

An evening in the bath with bath salts or bath oil is not only very nice but also has many benefits for your skin. Bath salts and oils both contain ingredients that are good for the skin and thus help to repair it. In addition, the aromas have a relaxing effect for a wonderful relaxing moment.


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Bath salts

Adding bath salts to the water will help you get more out of your bath time, this is because bath salts have several benefits. The addition of salts in the water makes the water less hard, making your skin feel softer after your bath. In addition, bath salts contain minerals, sodium, magnesium and potassium that are absorbed by the warm water into the skin. This has a healing effect on fissures, eczema and other impurities.

In addition to these immediate benefits, a bath with bath salts also has a relaxing effect on the body and your mind. The aromas and fragrances create a wonderful experience that allows you to relax completely. The use of bath salts made of sea salt or himalayan salt also provides a relaxing effect on the muscles in the body and better blood circulation.

Bath oil

A bath oil has a completely different effect on the skin. If your skin has become dry and rough, you can restore and protect it with bath oil. Bath oil has the special property that it does not float on the water like other oils, but mixes with the bath water. While bathing, it cleanses your skin and creates a thin effective layer on the skin. This protective layer from the bath oil contains moisturizing fatty acids and vitamins for healthy skin.

Besides the caring effect of bath oil, it is of course nice to add a wonderful scent to your bath. Therefore, bath oil is available with different rich fragrances for optimal relaxation. You also have special bath oil for children which helps with common skin irritations in children.


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