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Alpecin shampoo

Alpecin is a leading brand in the fight against hair and scalp problems. It has built a reputation for its effective treatments aimed at preventing and reducing hair loss. Its formulas are rich in caffeine. This not only helps fight hair loss, but it also plays a vital role in stimulating hair growth by strengthening and activating the hair roots.



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The benefits of Alpecin shampoo

Alpecin shampoo is enriched with a powerful caffeine complex. This is essential for nourishing and revitalising hair roots. Users typically experience increased hair density and a reduction in hair loss, which is often genetic. This is due to caffeine's unique ability to counteract the effects of DHT (dihydrotestosterone). This is a major cause of male pattern baldness.

Unique properties of Alpecin shampoo

Alpecin shampoo differs from other hair care products due to its specially developed caffeine formula. This unique composition ensures that Alpecin shampoo works quickly and effectively, so users do not have to wait long to experience the benefits. In addition, the products are free of silicones, meaning hair is not weighted down and its natural shine is preserved.

Applications and restorative features

Alpecin shampoo is not only for when you are struggling with hair loss, but it is also perfect for those who want to improve the overall health of their hair. Using this shampoo regularly strengthens the scalp and supports the hair's natural functions. That from root to tip.

Alpecin shampoo: our range offers a wide range of Alpecin hair products, each designed to address specific hair and scalp problems:

  • Alpecin Cafeïne shampoo C1: This classic shampoo stimulates hair growth directly at the roots, perfect for daily use. It is ideal for thinning hair, as it strengthens hair roots and thus promotes healthy hair growth.
  • Alpecin Double-Effect shampoo: This fights dandruff and strengthens hair roots in one treatment. This makes it a favourite for those with dandruff problems. It is also perfect for when you have oily hair, as it also regulates sebum production.
  • Alpecin Hybrid shampoo: specially developed for dry and sensitive scalp. It offers hydration and strengthening without irritation. This shampoo is also perfect for dry hair.
  • Alpecin Tuning shampoo: helps preserve and strengthen natural hair colour while fighting hair loss.
  • Alpecin Liquid Hair Energizer: A non-washing treatment that strengthens hair roots. It can be used daily for maximum effectiveness.

Find Alpecin shampoo at

With the extensive range of Alpecin hair products at, we offer everyone an appropriate solution for their specific hair and scalp problems. Whether you struggle with hair loss, suffer from a sensitive scalp or just want to boost your hair growth: Alpecin shampoo offers an effective treatment enriched with the power of caffeine.

Frequently asked questions about Alpecin shampoo

Can I use Alpecin shampoo daily?

Yes, Alpecin shampoo is safe for daily use. It can help maintain the effectiveness of the caffeine formula.

How long should I let Alpecin soak in?

It is recommended to leave Alpecin shampoo in for at least 2 minutes for best results. This allows the caffeine to properly act on the hair roots.

Is Alpecin effective against hair loss?

Yes, Alpecin shampoo has a proven track record in effectively reducing hair loss and stimulating hair growth.


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