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Ardell Magnetic lashes

Let your eyes shine with the Ardell Magnetic lashes. With these fake lashes, you don't need glue, making application a lot easier! Create a beautiful eye look easily and quickly. You shop the Ardell Magnetic lashes at!


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Different types of magnetic eyelashes Ardell

  • Accent Lash: This variety contains small magnets in the lashes. You apply it easily and it stays on beautifully all day.
  • Faux Mink: In this one, you use a magnetic liquid liner that you apply to the lash line. Because of the magnetic particles in the liquid, the lash adheres nicely and stays put.
  • Accent Lashes Double: The Accent Lashes Double give your eyes a beautiful look. The lashes contain magnets, making it adhere nicely and stay in place. You don't need any glue with this version.
  • Liquid Liner & Lash: This set includes the magnetic liquid liner and a pair of beautiful lashes. Choose your favorite variant of lashes and enjoy a beautiful eye look!
  • Naked Lashes: The Naked Lashes apply with a magnetic Liquid Liner. Choose the variant that best suits you and your eyes.

Applying the Ardell Magnetic Lashes

You don't need a Liquid Liner with the Accent Lash and the Accent Lashes Double. These lashes contain tiny magnets and make application a lot easier! What are your favorite Ardell Magnetic lashes?

  • Step 1: Place the top lash on top of your own lash.
  • Step 2: Grab the lower lash.
  • Step 3: Place the lower lash against the bottom of your upper lashes.
  • Step 4: The magnets attach to each other.
  • Tip: Don't like how the Ardell Magnetic lashes fit? You can easily remove them again and try the application again.

Magnetic Liner

You use the Liquid Liner to apply magnetic lashes. The Liquid contains magnetic particles, which makes the lashes stick well. Apply a layer to your lash line and enjoy well-fitting lashes all day long.


In addition to the Ardell Magnetic lashes, this brand also has several other fake lashes. Do you still prefer to use lashes that you have to apply with an adhesive? Then check out Ardell. You shop all your favorite products at!


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