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Goldwell Colorance

The Goldwell Colorance is a line of demi / semi permanent hair coloring products. Choose the color that suits you and give the hair a beautiful and fresh tint. Meet the different colors of the Gloss Tones, tubes and the depot system of the Goldwell Colorance line. You shop them all at!


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Different Goldwell Colorance products

What is your favorite Goldwell Colorance product?

Gloss Tones

The Gloss Tones are suitable for all hair types, from curly to straight and thick to fine hair. These products give hair a beautiful blonde color, which lasts up to 41% longer in the hair. The hair gets more shine and is more combable. Enjoy a beautiful blonde hair color with the Gloss Tones. These you always use with the 2% Developer.


The hair coloring in the tubes is suitable for all hair types. There are many different colors available, so there is always the perfect color for everyone. The hair gets a beautiful shine and a vibrant hair color.

Depot system

The depot system of the hair coloring is easy to use. Do you regularly dye your hair with the same color? Then this is the package you need. Let your hair shine beautifully and refresh the color. You can find the different colors under the Depot systeem.

The benefits of Goldwell Colorance

  • Demi / semi permanent hair coloring
  • The color remains visible up to 25 washes
  • A gray coverage up to 75%
  • The hair gets more shine
  • The hair structure is repaired
  • Mild to the hair


In addition to Goldwell Colorance, this brand also has several other products. For example, there are several lines of hair coloring, as well as care and styling products. For example, if you are still looking for a fine shampoo, gel, shine spray, volume powder or hair serum, then this brand is the right place. With these products you are guaranteed professional results!


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