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Kadus Velvet Oil

Are you looking for a line of products that will revive your hair and give it a beautiful natural shine? Then choose the Kadus Velvet Oil line. This line is specially designed to make your hair look and feel healthier.



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Kadus Professional Velvet Oil Shampoo

Kadus Professional Velvet Oil Shampoo gently cleanses your hair and also helps revitalize it instantly. The result after use? Beautiful, smooth and naturally shiny hair! The shampoo is the first step in the Kadus Velvet Oil line and provides a base for the other products in the line.

Velvet Oil Kadus Conditioner

A conditioner is applied after shampooing the hair and ensures that the hair is cared for. The Velvet Oil Kadus Conditioner helps soften hair instantly. Your hair not only looks healthier , but feels that way too. The result is well-groomed and naturally shiny hair.

Kadus Velvet Oil Treatment

The Kadus Velvet Oil Treatment is the third step in this care line. This product helps restore and revive your hair. After using the treatment, your hair will look healthier and have a beautiful, natural shine.

Lightweight Oil by Kadus Velvet Oil

The Kadus Velvet Lightweight Oil gives a shine boost to your hair and leaves it feeling healthier, without weighing the hair down. The oil is suitable as heat protection and has an anti-frizz effect on the hair.

In short, the Kadus Velvet Oil line offers a complete hair care experience with products that revitalize your hair and give it a beautiful natural shine. From the mild cleansing and instant revitalization of the Shampoo, to the restorative effect of the treatment, each step contributes to healthier-looking hair that feels soft and shines naturally. Choose the Kadus Velvet Oil line and enjoy the benefits of beautifully groomed hair with radiant shine.


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