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Kérastase Soleil

In summer, it is not only important to protect your skin from the sun, your hair needs sun protection as well. The Kérastase Soleil line responds to this with different products. The brand has both hair care for after a day in the sun, but also protection for while sunbathing!


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Kérastase Soleil Hair Care

In spring and summer, of course you enjoy the sun again! Nowadays, however, we know that sunbathing is not all fun and too much UV radiation is bad for the skin. It is not just your skin that is exposed to the sun, your hair is also negatively affected by the sun. In fact, UV rays and heat can dry out your hair, but not only that. When combined with seawater or chlorine, your hair is affected even more. Hence, the Kérastase Soleil hair care helps care for and protect your hair in the sun, sea and pool!

Sun protection for your hair

Prevention is better than cure and sun protection for your hair is also better than just a good care afterwards. Kérastase Soleil therefore has two protective products that you use before sunbathing. First, there is the Soleil Creme UV Sublime leave-in that hydrates the hair and protects it from the effects of the sun for 24 hours. The Soleil Huile Sirene is a beach spray that gives your hair texture as if you just came from the beach without drying the hair out! In addition, it also provides uv protection!

Taking care of your hair after sunbathing

Besides good protection, taking care of your hair after sunbathing is a good way to keep your hair beautiful and healthy. Start your wash routine with the mild Bain Apres-Soleil. It gently but effectively removes chlorine, salt and sand from your hair. Thanks to the added coconut water and Vitamin E, it allows the hair to recover. Afterwards you can use the Soleil Masque Apres-Soleil. This mask with a milky gel formula ensures that the hair is nourished and hydrated. The texture is easily absorbed into the hair and does not weigh it down. After this, your hair is well cared for after a day in the sun, by the pool or at the beach. Of course, the best way to protect and care for your hair is with a combination of Kérastase Soleil sun products!


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