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Keune So Pure

If you're looking for hair care products made with high-quality and natural ingredients, Keune So Pure is the perfect choice for you. Designed with sustainability and health in mind, Keune's So Pure line offers a wide range of products suitable for all hair types. At, you can find a wide range of Keune So Pure products, from shampoo and conditioner to styling products and more.


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Natural ingredients So Pure Keune

One of the biggest benefits of the Keune So Pure line is the use of natural ingredients. Each product is made with carefully selected, sustainably produced ingredients that are not only good for your hair, but also for the environment. For example, the So Pure line contains ingredients such as argan oil, lavender, chamomile and rosemary, which are known for their nourishing and soothing properties for the scalp.

Gentle cleansing with the So Pure Keune Shampoo

Keune's So Pure shampoos are designed to gently remove dirt, oil and product residue from the hair without stripping the natural oils from the scalp. This means your hair feels clean and fresh without being dried out or damaged. So Pure shampoos come in several varieties, such as the So Pure Exfoliating Shampoo, which is designed to cleanse your scalp and fight dandruff.

Healthy and shiny hair with the Keune So Pure Conditioner

After washing your hair, it's important to condition it to keep it soft, healthy and shiny. Keune So Pure Conditioners are specially designed to nourish and moisturize hair, using natural ingredients such as shea butter, avocado oil and aloe vera. For example, the So Pure Calming Conditioner contains chamomile and lavender, which nourish the scalp nicely.

So Pure Keune focused on sustainability

In addition to using natural ingredients, Keune is also committed to sustainability. For example, Keune So Pure products are packaged in 100% recyclable bottles. Moreover, as a company, Keune is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and taking responsibility for the impact they have on the environment.


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