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KIS color chart

When it comes to hair color, the KIS color chart is an indispensable tool for hairdressers and stylists. The color chart offers a clear overview of the different colors of hair dye offered by the KIS brand. Various natural and fashionable colors can be found on the KIS color chart. The unique color names and numbers on the card make finding the right color even easier. Explore Salontopper's KIS color chart and easily see which color best suits your needs.


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Why the KIS color chart?

The KIS color chart is a tool for hairdressers and stylists to see different colors at a glance. With this chart, the hairdresser can see together with the client what best suits the client's needs. Among other things, color shades, different tones, highlights and lowlights can be seen on the color chart. The chart is divided into different color groups, making it even easier to compare colors. For example, the groups are divided into brown, red, black and blonde. Furthermore, the KIS color chart features the unique color names and number, making it easy for hairdressers and stylists to find the color. Choosing the right color is important because a client's appearance can change. A color chart is therefore a useful tool.

Using the KIS color chart

When using the Kis color chart, it is important to consider the client's skin tone and natural hair color. It is also important to choose the right developer and pay attention to the soaking time. This way, the color will most closely match the color on the chart and ensure that the color will last for a longer period of time. The KIS color chart also offers a selection of additives and toners, this helps in getting the desired color. These additives and toners are used to enhance or soften the colors and if necessary, they can be used to correct the color.



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