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Living Proof Shampoo

One of Living Proof's best-known products is the Living Proof Shampoo. It gently cleanses your hair, allowing you to use the product daily. Furthermore, the Living Proof Shampoo provides enough hydration. Discover the Living Proof Shampoo at and take good care of your hair.



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Benefits Living Proof Shampoo

The Living Proof Shampoo brings several benefits. For example, it is a gentle cleansing shampoo. As a result, you can use it daily without irritating your hair and scalp. In addition, the shampoos are suitable for all hair types: whether you have thin, thick, curly, straight or colored hair. Due to the shampoos' mild cleansing, it promotes a healthy scalp. Moreover, the product makes the hair less frizzy and actually smoother and shinier.

Using Living Proof Shampoo

Using the Living Proof Shampoo is simple and easy. First, wet your hair with warm water. Then you can apply a small amount of shampoo on your hands and gently massage it into your scalp and hair. Then rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water. For additional cleansing, you can repeat these steps again. After washing, you can condition your hair with Living Proof's conditioners. These will moisturize your hair extra well and make it softer.

Other Living Proof products

The Living Proof Shampoo is one of Living Proof's popular products, but there are many other good products in the brand's range. For example, there are several conditioners, leave-in products and even a dry shampoo available. With Living Proof's styling products you can easily style your hair. Think for example of the fine hair mousse, hair oil or the hair spray. To get the best result and effect from the products, it is recommended to use the products from the line consecutively.


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