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Red One wax

Red One is synonymous with high-quality hair styling products known for its innovative formulas and reliable performance. With a focus on quality and versatility, Red One wax offers multiple benefits for every hair type and style such as strong hold to keep your hairstyle in place all day, while still being flexible enough to re-style your hair when needed. It also offers a natural shine without making hair look greasy.


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Various applications with Red One wax

Red One wax is ideal for a variety of hair styles, from short to long hair. It can be used to add texture to shorter hairstyles, define curls or style longer strands. With Red One wax, you have the ability to create any look you want: whether it's a tight parting, a messy crest or a smooth finish.

Our range and the Red One wax differences

At, you will find an extensive range that perfectly suits various styling needs. Discover the different variants and Red One wax colours that not only style your hair, but also add a touch of freshness. Below we name a few variants:

  • Red One Aqua wax: this variant is known for its strong hold and shiny finish. It is easy to apply and wash out, making it perfect for everyday use.
  • Red One Matte wax: this variant offers strong hold with a matt finish. This makes hair look natural without shine. It is suitable for people looking for a subtle and matt look.
  • Red One Green Matte wax: this variant is similar to the Matte Wax, but has added green tea extracts for a refreshing scent and extra care.
  • Red One Blue Aqua wax: this one has a fresh, masculine scent and a strong hold for long-lasting styling. It also offers protection against UV rays. This protects hair from harmful external influences.

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With Red One wax, you can boost your hairstyle. Enrich your daily routine with the versatility and reliability of this wax and discover the endless possibilities to style your hair.

Frequently asked questions about Red One Wax

Is Red One wax good for your hair?

Most Red One wax products are water-based, making them easy to wash out and not causing damage to your hair.

Red One wax: which is/are the strongest?

It is difficult to say specifically which variant has the strongest hold, as this depends on several factors. These include how much wax you use and how you style your hair. In general, all Red One wax products are known for their strong hold, but some variants can be stronger than others. It is advisable to read the product descriptions and look at reviews, which will help you decide which variant best suits your styling needs.

What are the benefits of Red One wax?

The main advantages are its firm hold, fresh scent and it is animal-tested free.


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