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Redken Heat Protection

Heat is a great way to style your hair, such as with a blow dryer or straightener. The Redken Heat Protection with 3 products help protect your hair from heat damage. These are identified by the pink packaging and ensure that you can style your hair carefree with heat!


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Redken Heat Styling Family

Styling your hair with heat causes the model to be "fixed" in the hair. It affects the way your hair is connected, but as a result, it can also cause damage. Fortunately, there is the Redken Heat Styling Family with several products to protect your hair while blow-drying and styling with curling or straightening irons. The three styling products aimed at protecting hair and getting the most out of your styling routine are Redken's 3 pink heat protections.

Redken Thermal Spray

Do you regularly go through your hair with the straightener or curling iron? Then the Redken Thermal Spray is a must! This heat protection ensures that the hair is protected up to 230 ° C and thus protects your hair from damage. In addition, the spray ensures that your hair is not frizzy and gets a beautiful shine!

Redken Big Blowout

This unique blowout gel is applied to the hair before blow-drying. The gel then melts into your hair due to the heat of the blow dryer. Thereby the Redken Big Blowout ensures that your hair is protected from the heat of the hair dryer but at the same time it also provides more volume and texture. It is suitable for straight and curly hair and does not make your hair stiff, but retains its natural bounce and softness.

Redken Quick Blowout

Don't feel like standing around blow-drying for so long anymore? Shorten the blow-drying time with the Redken Quick Blowout. This lightweight heat protect gives your hair protection while blow-drying and provides a smoother end result without weighing hair down.


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