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Redken Styling

Redken's styling products are big favourites for many. Redken Styling has many products such as hairspray, clay, paste, dry shampoo and more. Redken Styling's extensive range ensures you can style your hair appropriately. In Autumn 2022, these packages have been updated but of course with the familiar formulas! We'll explain the products and how to use them in more detail at the bottom of the page!


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Redken Styling products

Redken Styling is a favourite of many and popular with the customer. There are many different styling products from Redken, and many have been favourites for years. Now the styling range itself has had a makeover in 2022. Your favourite Redken Styling product is now in a new look, but of course with the familiar formula. So you don't have to miss your trusted styling product! The styling products are divided by Redken into four types of products and are sorted by use of the product. The four families are Hairsprays, Volume, Texture and Heat Styling, below we explain these categories in more detail!


Redken Finishing Sprays fall under the hairspray family. Like other hairsprays, these are aimed at fixing your look for a long hold and control over your hair. They can be recognised by the dark shades and black highlights. The higher the number on the hairspray the stronger the product's hold.

Redken Hairsprays Family


There are different ways to get more volume in your hair and you can get all sorts of different products for that. At Redken, these volume products can now be found in green packaging, so you already know immediately that they are volume products. Of course, which of these products best suits your hair depends on what you need. Below, we explain which products there are and what they do for you.

Redken Volume Family

Root Lifter

This product is a flexible spray that you can apply directly at the roots to create extra volume in your hair. As the name suggests, the Root Lifter gives more volume from the root to make your hair look and feel fuller. The Root Lifter spray is the replacement for the Redken 10 Guts.

Root Tease

This finishing spray adds volume to hair from the roots. By applying the product to hair that has been combed backwards, you ensure that it gains and maintains volume from the roots. The Root Tease is the replacement for the Redken Quick Tease 15 and has a matt finish.

Volume Boost

A spray gel that gives volume? Yes! The Volume Boost provides lasting volume and a soft feel from the roots. The Volume Boos spraygel replaces the Redken 06 Rootful.

Touchable Texture

Looking for volume but also heat protection? Then choose the Touchable Texture. This mousse gives hair long-lasting shine, texture, volume and also heat protection. The Touchable Texture mousse replaces the Redken 05 Touch Control.

Redken Volume producten


For short hair, you can use different products such as gel, paste and powder. But which product do you use for which style and which product do you need. The different styling products are now summarised in the Texture family and can be recognised by the packaging in blue (or with blue accents).

Redken Texture Familiy

Spray Wax

For a tousled and matt look, there is the Redken Spray Wax. This product has an invisible effect while still adding texture to the hair. The soft matt finish gives the hair a tousled look while giving it a light hold. The Spray Wax replaces the Redken Wax Blast 10.

Beach Spray

Want that nonchalant beachy look like you came straight from the beach? Then Redken's Beach Spray is for you. The spray contains texturising ingredients that add body to the hair. The hair remains in motion and has a tousled wavy texture.

Pliable Paste

The Pliable Paste is a styling product with a natural look and flexible hold. It gives your hair firmness to keep it in shape, but you can still restyle it all day if you want. The **ONBEKEND** is the replacement for the Redken Rewind 06.

Texture Paste

Redken Styling's most popular product is the Texture Paste. This paste has a medium hold and you knead it into your hair, as it were, to style your hair as you want. It gives texture, texturises and provides long-lasting hold. The Redken Texture Paste replaces the Redken Rough Paste 12.

Max Sculpting Gel

For a strong hold and shiny end result, use Max Sculpting Gel. This gel has a long-lasting hold and shape memory to keep your style in shape all day long. The Redken Max Sculpting Gel replaces the Redken Hardwear 16.

Matte Clay

This texturising clay has a strong hold to give your hair long-lasting shape. Because it is resistant to moisture, you can keep your hair under control and in shape under any circumstances. So you can create your own style with this clay. The Redken Matte Clay is the replacement for the Redken Rough Clay 20.

Powder Grip

For volume styling and a matte finish, a volume powder is the right product. Apply the Redken Powder Grip to dry hair to get volume from the roots. The Powder Grip replaces the Redken Powder Grip 03.

Redken Texture producten

Heat styling

Styling your hair with a heat tool is of course very nice and you get the hair nicely in shape, but unfortunately this is not without danger. Fortunately, there is the Redken Heat Styling Family with 3 products that help protect your hair from heat. You can recognise these heat protectors by the pink packaging. The Thermal Spray is suitable for use with straighteners or curling irons, and the Quick and Big Blowout are for protection and styling with a hairdryer!

Redken Heat Styling


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