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Reuzel Pomade

You will find Reuzel Pomade in many a barbershop. These Popular styling products come from the Netherlands and are developed by and for professional barbershops. Reuzel pomade is so popular because of the fitting character of the brand and, of course, the quality of the products. The products are in a long time not only for the shiny quiff, but also available as matte variant. So find the appropriate pomade for your hair style!


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Reuzel hair pomade

The original Reuzel hair pomade was, of course, for creating the sleekback look. A shiny and greasy cream to tightly shape your hair and give it a shiny look. Nowadays, that is no longer the only use for a pomade. You also have the matte pomade these days for a different style, but with the same power of pomade.

Shiny Pomade

Basically, pomades were developed to keep the hair in shape, a side effect of the oil-based pomades was that this gave a strong shine to the hair. Nowadays oil is not necessarily needed in a pomade, but you still have shiny pomade because it is part of the style you can create with a pomade. An example of a strong shiny pomade is the Reuzel High Sheen.

Matte Finish

Don't want the shiny effect of a pomade, but still want that strong hold? Then there is the Extreme Hold Matte Pomade. This one you use just like any other pomade but does not have the strong shine. You can also create a tousled look with this matte pomade.


A common problem with pomade is that it is difficult to wash out of your hair. The solution to this is water-based pomades. Because it no longer contains oil, which is normally common, it washes out of your hair more easily.


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