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Derma cosmetics are skin care products developed with scientific knowledge and dermatological expertise. They often contain active ingredients in higher concentrations than ordinary cosmetics, but are milder than prescription drugs. The aim is to address specific skin problems while caring for and protecting the skin. read more >


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Dermacosmetics: the perfect balance between skincare and cosmetics

Have you ever heard of dermacosmetics? This special category of skin care products combines the best of both worlds: the effectiveness of dermatological treatments and the pleasant experience of cosmetics.

Benefits of derma cosmetics

  • Effectiveness: Dermacosmetics are formulated to deliver visible results for various skin problems.
  • Safety: These products undergo extensive testing to ensure safety and tolerability.
  • Science-based: The efficacy of dermacosmetics is often supported by clinical studies.
  • Pleasant to use: Like regular cosmetics, derma cosmetics are pleasant to use.

Who are derma cosmetics suitable for?

Dermacosmetics are ideal for people who:

  • Want to address specific skin problems, such as acne, rosacea or hyperpigmentation
  • Have sensitive or reactive skin
  • Are looking for effective anti-ageing products
  • Take skincare seriously and are willing to invest in quality products

Dermacosmetics offer a unique approach to skincare, bringing together science and cosmetic expertise. Whether you want to address specific skin problems or are simply looking for effective, high-quality skincare, dermacosmetics can be a valuable addition to your beauty routine. Take the time to find the right products for your skin and enjoy the results!


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