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  • AVEDA Paddle Brush

AVEDA Paddle Brush

25.25 including vat
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AVEDA Paddle Brush
AVEDA Paddle Brush
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AVEDA Paddle Brush

The AVEDA Paddle Brush has longer bristles which makes it easy to detangle your hair and massage your scalp. In addition, the brush ensures that your hair and scalp are less stressed during blow-drying and styling. It's perfect for smoothing your hair even while blow-drying so very suitable for steep looks! It prevents the growth of bacteria that could occur if water were to accumulate on the inside of the brush.

Instructions for the AVEDA Paddle Brush

Place the Barnum AVEDA Mini Paddle Brush at the roots and slowly move the brush from the roots to the tip and keep repeating.

Result after using the AVEDA Paddle Brush

The AAVEDA Paddle Brush is your hair smooth and style!



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AVEDA Paddle Brush
£25.25 including vat
in stock
free shipping from £25 our score 3.8 order now

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