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  • Curaloe Aloë Vera Skin Toner 150ml

Curaloe Aloë Vera Skin Toner 150ml

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Curaloe Aloë Vera Skin Toner

The Curaloe Aloe Vera Skin Toner is a refreshing and cleansing toner with 75% pure Aloe Vera. The toner ensures that your skin feels clean and hydrated. All bacteria on your skin are removed and the toner effectively removes make-up residues. The cucumber extract in the toner helps to moisturize the skin and grapefruit peel oil protects your skin from infection. The oil also supports the healing of wounds. Finally, the toner also contains lime oil to reduce skin infections. The toner is ideal if you suffer from oily skin, because the toner narrows pores. All Curaloe products are free of parabens + animal ingredients and are completely plant-based. Curaloe produces the purest Aloe Vera Gel, without any additional ingredients. The brand believes in inner skin health, which revolves around the power of Aloe Vera and your health.

Instructions for use of the toner

Step 1: Wet your face. Step 2: Apply the toner with a cotton pad all over the face. Pat the product well on the skin, this promotes the penetration of the toner to the skin. Step 3: Rinse and follow with a serum + a day and / or night cream.

Result after using the toner

After use, your skin is cleansed, softened and cared for.



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