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Invisibobble WAVER Pretty Dark Invisibobble WAVER Pretty Dark Invisibobble WAVER Pretty Dark
  • Invisibobble WAVER Pretty Dark
  • Invisibobble WAVER Pretty Dark
  • Invisibobble WAVER Pretty Dark

Invisibobble WAVER Pretty Dark

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Invisibobble WAVER

The Invisibobble Waver is the improved version of the standard metal hairpin. With these renewed "bobby pins" you can create beautifully styled hair with more comfort. The Waver has a spiral top that distributes the hair evenly and therefore leaves no imprint in your hair after use. The unique spiral design allows you to easily click the slider into place with one hand. In addition, the Waver is round and made of plastic so it has no sharp edges and the Waver  follows the curve of your head with its curved shape so you have no nasty pressure points. The Waver is 5 cm long and available in the colors Crystal Clear and Pretty Dark.

The Invisibobble brand was started in 2012 by German student Sophie. When Sophie went to a Bad-Taste party in 2012, she used the spiral cord from an old phone to put a ponytail in her hair. When she woke up the next morning she found she still had the cord in her hair. Her ponytail was still in place and she didn't have the headache she normally had when wearing ponytails for too long! The spiral cord was much less tight, but had managed to keep her tail in place.

This discovery led her to invent the Invisibobble and seek help to bring this spiral elastic to market. Together with Felix, Sophie set to work to develop the Invisibobble with good materials and the right features. After 6 months they launched the first Invisibobble in Germany and continued to develop the product. To keep innovating, Invisibobble likes to listen to the experiences of its customers and that is partly why the products are now loved and available internationally.


  • 3 hairpins per package
  • Comfortable
  • Smooth and round material
  • No imprint after use
  • Stays in place
  • Easy to remove with 1 hand

How to use the Invisibobble Waver

The Waver can be used just like any standard metal sliding pin to put your hair up. You can further secure these pins by clicking the spiral around the lower part of the Waver.

Difference between Waver and Waver Plus

The only difference between the Waver and the Waver Plus is the size. The Waver is about 5.5 cm long. The Waver Plus is 36% larger at 7.5 cm.

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