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  • NailPerfect Blue Scrub 1000ml

NailPerfect Blue Scrub 1000ml

31.15 including vat
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NailPerfect Blue Scrub 1000ml
NailPerfect Blue Scrub 1000ml
in stock

NailPerfect Blue Scrub

The NailPerfect Blue Scrub is a natural cleaning agent for nail surfaces. The Blue Scrub cleans the nail surface and dries it at the same time. The Scrub is an essential part of the product application preparation procedure as it improves the adhesion of the products. In addition, the scrub improves the wear time of the nail polishes. The Blue Scrub also removes all impurities from the nail plate.

Instructions for use of the Blue Scrub

Step 1: Soak a cotton pad or another product with Blue Scrub and rub the entire nail plate. Do not apply the Blue Scrub over tips. Step 2: Use a nail brush to apply the Blue Scrub. Do not re-contaminate the nail before applying a product such as gel or acrylic. Step 3: You can now start applying.

Result after applying the Blue Scrub

After applying the Blue Scrub you will have clean nails that are ready for applying gel polish or acrylic.



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NailPerfect Blue Scrub 1000ml
£31.15 including vat
in stock
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