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  • NailPerfect Dippn' Container 1st
  • NailPerfect Dippn' Container 1st

NailPerfect Dippn' Container 1st

9.75 including vat
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NailPerfect Dippn' Container 1st
NailPerfect Dippn' Container 1st
in stock

NailPerfect Dippn' Container

The French Nail Dip Container is the perfect tool to create beautiful French manicures in combination with the NailPerfect Dippn 'system. The container is an easy tool to create clean lines as you would like with a French manicure.

Instructions for use of the Dippn 'Container

Step 1: Fill the French Nail Dip Container with your desired French Dippn 'powder. Step 2: Prep the nail as usual. You can use a tip or use the natural nail to start the French manicure. Step 3: Make a thin layer with the Dippn 'Sticky Base and place your finger on the stability holder of the French Nail Dip Container. Step 4: In one smooth motion, move your finger in the Dippn 'powder, hold it for a few seconds, then pull back in the same smooth motion. Repeat this step for the ultimate coverage. Step 5: Then apply a thin layer of the Dippn 'Sticky Base and dip the nail in a transparent Dippn' powder to fill in the French manicure and repeat until the desired result. Step 6: Finish the French manicure with the Dippn ’Fast Air Dry Top Coat and cure with 2 coats of the Dippn’ Activator.

Result after using the Dippn 'Container

After using the Container you can easily apply a French manicure and the nails will look beautifully sleek and classic.



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Superhandig Perfect om een dip french te maken! Zeer tevreden
NailPerfect Dippn' Container 1st
£9.75 including vat
in stock
free shipping from £25 our score 4.1 order now

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