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  • Unite Expanda Dust 6gr

Unite Expanda Dust 6gr

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Unite Expanda Dust 6gr
Unite Expanda Dust 6gr
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Unite Expanda Dust

The Unite Expanda Dust is actually magic... With just one movement your hair gets more volume and texture. When using the Unite Expanda Dust your hair stays in shape and you no longer have to deal with flat pieces of hair. After use it instantly creates volume + texture and creates a translucent shine. What's wrong with volume at your roots? Then the Unite Expanda Dust is definitely recommended. Finally, it is colourless and has no strong odour. 

The founder of Unite, Andrew Dale, started the Unite brand in southern California 16 years ago. The brand was born out of the idea to create hair care that cares for hair stylists and their customers. This idea has been successful and the brand is one of the most sought after brands in salons and for their customers worldwide. Today the Unite collection contains more than 40 hair products. Unite does not use aggressive chemicals, is cruelty free and free of parabens/sulphates.

Instructions for the Unite Expanda Dust

Step 1: Lightly sprinkle some of the Unite Expanda Dust on the roots. Step 2: Then massage your scalp and you will notice the volume immediately. Step 3: If necessary, sprinkle throughout the hair for more volume and texture.

Tip: Apply to dry hair.

Result after using the Unite Expanda Dust

After using the Unite Expanda Dust, a lot of volume is created in a short time in a single movement. Your hair has the right volume all day long and stays in shape exactly the way you want it. You can easily create the look you want. 



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Unite Expanda Dust 6gr
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