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Weft hair

Weft hair is a hair extension technique in which a band of pre-tied hair is applied to your own hair. At we have weft hair that are made of 100% real hair. With the weft hair you can create different lengths and volumes that you desire. In addition to different lengths being available, the hair pieces are available in different colors. Discover now the range of and enjoy a lovely bunch of hair in the length you desire.


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What is weft hair?

Weft hair is a type of hair extension produced by weaving hairs together into a wide strip, also called a weft. This weft is often attached to one's own hair. Hair extensions are popular because they are easy to use and because they are often cheaper than other types of extensions, such as individually attached hair pieces. In addition, the weft can be purchased in different sizes, depending on how much hair needs to be added.

Different types of hair pieces

At we have 40cm and 55cm hair pieces. In addition, with the 40cm pieces you can choose a package of one piece or three pieces. With the weft hair pieces you can create the desired length and volume. The hair pieces look natural because it is made of real hair.

Using weft hair

Weft hair is a hair extension technique in which a band is tied over your own hair. The hair pieces can be attached with clips, rings or keratin bonds. When you want to take the hair pieces out again, you can pinch the rings back around. This allows you to easily slide it out of your hair without damaging the hair. When taking out hair pieces, you can use removal pliers. How much hair the pieces contain varies by brand, for example, at offer the brand DoubleHair. One strip of DoubleHair is approximately equivalent to 18 individual strands of hair.

Order weft hair at

If you have become enthusiastic about hair extensions, you can buy the products with many benefits at If you order the color and hair length that suits you best, it will be delivered to you for free from €35. If you order the products on Sunday to Friday before 10 p.m., your order will be delivered the next day. Many others have already gone before you, as we score a 9.4 on customer reviews. Want to know more about our products, feel free to contact our customer service.


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