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Eyebrow & Eyelash Serum

Do you dream of long eyelashes, but are unfortunately not naturally blessed with them? Or do you have very thin eyebrows and would like to let them grow, but are unable to? Then an eyebrow or eyelash serum is the solution for you! Hundreds of thousands of women preceded you; choose from the range of and enjoy the result.


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Eyelash serum

A lash serum makes your lashes longer, fuller and stronger. The product contains caring ingredients and ensures that your eyelash cylcus is lengthened, so you lose fewer hairs. As a result, your eyelash has more time to reach the optimal length and you create the desired effect in a short time. So a Lashserum really works and creates longer & fuller lashes!

The best eyelash serums

If you are looking for a good eyelash serum, you have come to the right place at! In our range you will find them from different brands, which will give you beautiful long lashes. Popular products are:

  • Nanolash wimperserum: this product strengthens and lengthens already after the use of four weeks. Nanolash works with natural ingredients and gives you fuller and stronger lashes!
  • Revitalash wimperserum: this world-famous product strengthens your lashes so they are less likely to fall out. The innovative combination of active ingredients extends the growth phase as well as the lifespan of your lashes. Many others have gone before you: experience the success of Revitalash with visible results after only four weeks!

At you will find the best lash serums!

Eyebrow serum

This product ensures that your eyebrows are beautifully full within a few weeks/months. It moisturizes existing hairs and stimulates new hair growth. The product contains certain nutrients that cause eyebrow hairs to grow.

The Nanobrow wenkbrauw serum is a very popular product. It allows you to have up to 50% fuller eyebrows after 4 weeks! This concentrated product hydrates, nourishes and restores. In a few weeks, your eyebrows will be stronger, thicker and darker. The product gives your brows a beautiful look!

Another fine eyebrow product is the AVEDA Invati Brow Thickening Serum. This vegan product is a 4 to 12 week cure and increases the thickness & fullness of your eyebrows. You apply the product daily to the skin of your eyebrow and hairs.


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