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Hair coloring

Give your hair the color you like with the best hair coloring products. Through our wide range of different types of hair coloring you will always find the finest products. Looking for a color mousse, semi-permanent dye, grow-out spray or other kind of hair coloring? Then you've come to the right place. Shop all your favorite hair coloring at!


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The best hair coloring

For everyone, the best hair coloring is different. For example, do you want a rinse, color mousse or do you prefer a permanent dye? Choose the kind of coloring that suits you and your hair best. Are you looking after a coloring that covers gray hair? Then it's best to choose a permanent dye. This gives the hair good coverage. Do you want to create a fun festival look? Then we recommend a color gel or color mask. With our wide range of hair coloring there is always the perfect product for you.

Different types of hair coloring

  • Permanent dye: With a permanent dye you give the hair full coverage. This is not washable. Do you want dark color or do you prefer something lighter? With this paint you can create different colors for a long-lasting result.
  • Semi-permanent paint: A semi-permanent paint gives good coverage. This washes out of your hair with about 2 to 6 washes. With this paint you prevent outgrowth, because you see the color slowly fade.
  • Rinse: A rinse is kinder to the hair. You have almost no outgrowth because the color gradually fades.
  • Color mousse: A color mousse contains color pigments. Refresh your own hair color subtly with these products or go for a different color. You wash the color out again.
  • Color masks: With a color mask you give your hair a natural tint. Fade your own hair color slightly or freshen up your color. The color fades gradually by washing.
  • Color gel: With a color gel you give your hair a cheerful touch. This washes out of your hair easily. It is fun to apply for a festival, but is also often used on children.
  • Blonde powder: With a blonde powder you can lighten the hair. There are many different kinds of it.
  • Outgrow spray: An outgrow spray is used between coloring your hair. Do you have a subtle outgrowth? Then you easily spray the color over the outgrowth. This color coverage is gone after one wash.

Hair dye

With a hair dye you can create the most beautiful hair colors. As mentioned above, there are various types of products to change the color of your hair. When using a hair dye, decide well in advance whether you want the hair color in your hair temporarily or for a long time. Do you want the color to fade with a few washes? Then choose the semi-permanent hair dye. Do you prefer a color that is not washable? Then permanent hair dye is what you need! You shop your favorite hair dye at

Are you going to dye your hair? Read the description of the hair dye carefully! Each product may have a different process.


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