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Hair tonic

A hair tonic offers help in thickening your hair. With a hair tonic, you can get thicker hair and the volume allows you to style your hair better. Hair tonics can fix all types of hair, including coarse, wavy or very thick hair. Discover the range from now and enjoy your lovely head of hair.


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What is hair tonic?

Popular among men, the product is mainly used to stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair. It contains several ingredients known for their positive effect on hair growth such as biotin, zinc and vitamin B. The product can be used by people with thinning hair, or those who just want to boost hair growth. In addition, the product conditions and moisturises the scalp well and helps repair damaged hair. With a tonic, you can give your hair more volume, this can make styling your hair easier.

How to use hair tonic?

It is easy to use: you apply the product to the scalp and massage until it is fully absorbed. The product can be put in daily, preferably in the morning or in the evening. Growing hair is a slow process, which is why it also takes some time before results are visible.

Vegan hair tonics

At, we have many vegan hair products, including vegan hair tonics. A product is vegan if the product is made without animal ingredients. A vegan tonic can be made from various natural ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin C and special herbs. Hair tonics from Davines and WeDo, among others, are vegan. On our website, you can easily find vegan products by filtering on this.

Order hair tonics from

In our range, we have the best hair tonics with which you can strengthen your hair and stimulate hair growth. If you have become enthusiastic, you can order the products at and get free delivery from €35. If you place your order on Sunday to Friday before 10pm, we will do our best to deliver the package to your home the next day. Our customer service is available for all your questions Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 21:00. We will be happy to help you!

Frequently asked questions

What is a hair toner?

A hair toner is a product used to adjust the colour of your hair. It helps neutralise unwanted tones, such as yellow or orange in bleached hair, and gives your hair colour a nice, cool look. It is a great solution for getting the perfect hair colour!

The best hair toner?

The best hair toner depends on the colour correction you want and your hair type. Choose a hair toner specifically designed for your hair colour and follow the instructions carefully. If in doubt, consult Salontopper for tailored advice.

How to apply a hair toner?

Apply hair toner to clean, towel-dried hair. Spread it evenly from roots to ends and leave it on according to the instructions on the packaging. Afterwards, rinse it thoroughly and admire your fresh, toned locks!


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