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Disposable Gloves

When you dye your hair, or someone else's, disposable gloves are definitely a must! With disposable gloves you work very hygienically and also protect your hands from the stains of hair dye. This keeps your hands very clean, so you don't have to scrub away any more nasty paint stains.


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Disposable gloves for dyeing hair

Disposable gloves can be used for many different purposes. Among other things, they keep your hands clean. When dyeing hair, you need a number of dyeing supplies, including disposable gloves! You naturally come into contact with hair dye and this can leave stains on the hands. Disposable gloves protect the skin during dyeing and provide hygiene. They come in different types and also sizes, so they always fit snugly around your hand and fingers.

Buying the right disposable gloves

Disposable gloves are made of all kinds of materials, and these materials have different functions. For example, some materials are stronger than others. Some common types are:

  • Latex disposable gloves: are made of natural rubber and therefore biodegradable. They are convenient to use in the garden, household or while doing chores and offer protection against bacteria and viruses, among other things.
  • Nitrile disposable gloves: are made of synthetic rubber, very strong and do not tear easily. They are stronger than those made of latex or vinyl and resist oil or grease, for example. Do you suffer from a latex allergy? Then those made of nitrile offer a good alternative.
  • Vinyl disposable gloves: are made of PVC. Compared to the other two materials, this material is the least strong, but they are very comfortable. Among other things, they protect against low-risk oil and chemicals.

In addition to these options, you can also choose from powdered or non-powdered varieties. Powdered varieties are often easier to put on than those without powder, but these are not suitable for use in the food industry, for example.

Note that not every disposable glove is suitable for every application. You can tell exactly what they are suitable for from the CE mark and NEN standards. Also pay attention to the size, so that they fit your hand properly.


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