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Shipping & delivery

Frequently asked Questions 

When do I receive my order / why haven't I received my order yet?
Together with our partner YODEL, we do everything we can to fulfill the delivery time that you have been promised. In general, we apply the rule for shipments to the UK (if the product is in stock):

Ordered before 9pm, shipped today! Delivered within two to three days from the moment your parcel has left our warehouse. In the unlikely event that the delivery time is not met, we will inform you as soon as possible and we will look for a solution together. 

I have ordered a number of items and one of them is not in stock. Are the rest of the products going to be shipped already?
No, we send the order in its entirety. So did you order one or more products that were not in stock? Then we wait until all products have arrived. When ordering, you will see in your shopping cart how long it will take before your order is delivered. So pay attention to this and check your shopping cart before ordering! Of course we like to make exceptions, please contact our customer service!

Do I have to pay shipping costs?
Is your order amount £25 or higher? Then we will send your order for free! Is your order amount less than £25? Then you pay £7.50 shipping to have your order delivered within the United Kingdom.

Can I also send my order abroad?
Of course it is also possible to order from another country or have your order delivered there. Packages to Belgium and the Netherlands are delivered with PostNL. Packages to other countries are delivered with local carriers. Of course you will receive a Track & Trace code by e-mail from the relevant carrier after shipment. Below you will find the shipping costs and lead times to various countries: 


Destination  Shipping partner Costs Free shipping from Delivery time Notes
Ireland £8.95 £65 order value 2-3 days -
United Kingdom £7.50 £25 order value 2-3 days -
Austria £5.65 £30 order value 2-3 days -
Belgium £5.25 £30 order value 1 day -
Bulgaria £7.75 £65 order value 3-4 days -
Czech Republic £7.50 £30 order value 2-3 days -
Croatia £12.95 £150 order value 3-4 days -
Denmark £5.65 £30 order value 2-3 days -
Estonia £7.50 £65 order value 2-3 days -
Finland £7.75 £65 order value 2-3 days -
France £5.25 £65 order value 2-3 days -
Germany £4.25 £30 order value 1-2 days -
Greece £8.95 £65 order value 3-4 days -
Hungary  £7.50 £65 order value 2-3 days -
Italy £7.00 £65 order value 2-3 days -
Latvia £7.50 £65 order value 2-3 days -
Liechtenstein £12.50 £75 order value 2-3 days incl. customs clearance
Lithuania £7.95 £65 order value 2-3 days -
Luxembourg £5.65 £30 order value 1-2 days -
Monaco £5.95 £35 order value 2-3 days -
Netherlands   £4.25 £30 order value 2-3 days -
Norway £17.50 £150 order value 2-3 days excl. customs clearance
Poland £4.25 £30 order value 2-3 days -
Portugal £7.50 £65 order value 2-3 days -
Romania £8.95 £65 order value 3-4 days -
Slovakia £7.00 £65 order value 2-3 days -
Slovenia £7.75 £65 order value 2-3 days -
Spain £6.00 £65 order value  2-3 days -
Switzerland £9.25 £95.50 order value 2-3 days incl. customs clearance
Sweden £6.00 £30 order value 2-3 days -
Other EUROPE on request - 2-3 days -




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