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Style brush

A style brush is a brush with heated bristles. You brush your hair and it is instantly styled. Do you find it too much work to straighten your hair with a straightener? Then a straightening brush is the solution for you! Straightening your hair has never been easier. Are you interested in a straightening brush? Then is the right place for you. We are happy to help you find the right tool for styling your hair.


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How a style brush works

A style brush can be thought of as a straightener and brush in one. The way a style brush works is only easier. You brush through your hair and it instantly straightens. First, let the device heat up to the desired temperature. You can set this yourself, how nice is that! Is the device heated to the desired temperature? Then you can start using it right away. Make sure your hair is detangled before then by using a regular hairbrush. Before you start straightening your hair, it is important to use heat protection. This protects your hair from the heat of tools and possible damage from them. Next, divide your hair into several sections so that the brush can get through the hair better. You will soon see your own hair structure change to straight hair. You can also use a straightening brush to very easily straighten hair at the roots. This way your hair is easily and quickly, straightened and smoothed.

The bristles of the device are heated, making each strand of hair straight and smooth. It is important to choose the right temperature beforehand, though. Avoid damaging or even burning your hair. Do you have fine, thin and/or damaged hair? Then it is best to choose a temperature of 120 degrees to a maximum of 150 degrees. Do you have fairly normal hair? Then a temperature between 150 degrees and 190 degrees is suitable. Temperatures higher than 200 degrees are only recommended for curly or unruly hair, but always try a few degrees less first. Before using, read the manual carefully. Each device may have a slightly different operation. Are you already excited about a style brush?

Best style brush

Are you looking for the best style brush? At we have several style brushes in the assortment. One of our bestsellers is the ghd Glide Hot Brush. This is a brush with a heating time of only 90 seconds. It has a ceramic heating technology, automatic sleep mode and a cable length of 2.7 meters. You can also use this brush for styling extensions and wigs.

It is also important to clean your style brush regularly. You do this when the device has cooled down. Remove all the loose hairs that are in the brush with your hands or a comb. You can then also clean it with a damp cloth in between the bristles. Proper maintenance will allow you to enjoy your favorite tool for a long time.


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