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Invisibobble Hair Accessories

The Invisibobble brand was started in 2012 by German student Sophie. When Sophie went to a theme party in 2012, she used the spiral cord of an old telephone to put a ponytail in her hair.

When she woke up the next morning, she found the cord still in her hair. Her tail was still in place and she didn't have the headache she used to get when wearing a ponytail for too long! The spiral cord was much less tight, but had managed to keep her tail in place.

Because of this discovery, she invented the spiral hair elastic and sought help to bring this spiral elastic to the market. Together with Felix, Sophie started to develop this new hair elastics with good materials and the right properties.
After 6 months they launched the first Invisibobble in Germany and continued to develop the product. To keep innovating, Invisibobble listens to the experiences of its customers and that's why the products are now loved and available internationally.

Invisibobble products

It all started with the Invisibobble Original, the new hair elastic. Nowadays Invisibobble has a whole range of hair accessories in which the advantages of the Invisibobble can be found. All products, from hairclips to hairbands, are designed to distribute the pressure evenly over the hair for the best wearing comfort. This ensures that you do not get a headache from wearing a ponytail or raised hair, which sometimes happens with standard elastic bands and hairpins.

In addition, Inivisibobble also follows the latest trends to make products with which you can make your look complete! Like the Sprunchies, the comfortable version of the scrunchie, and hair elastics with beautiful accessories.


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