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Tanning lotion

A tanning lotion is a self-tanning product that offers you not only a nice tan but also care. These products are rich in moisturizing ingredients that make your skin look beautiful, healthy and beautifully tanned. After using a tanning lotion, you will look like you just got back from a sunny vacation! You will shop tanning lotion from the best brands at


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Advantages and use of tanning lotion

Tanning lotion gives a natural and even tan without having to be exposed to harmful sunlight or other UV light such as a tanning bed. This protects your skin from harmful effects of the sun, such as skin cancer and wrinkles. Furthermore, in addition to tanning, this product can also moisturize and care for your skin. Of course, has tanning lotion available for every skin type.

Shake the tanning lotion well before use and test it on a small area of your skin first before using it on your entire body. This way you can test if you might have an allergic reaction to it. Make sure your skin is clean and moisturized or the lotion will stain. Don't forget to use a tanning mit to avoid staining your hand. Each tanning lotion varies how long the product needs to soak in.

Origin of self-tanning products

Tanning lotion, or products that give the skin a tan without the need for sunlight, have been available for some time. The first self-tanners were developed in the 1960s. The use of self-tanners has steadily increased since then, especially since the rise of health awareness and the risks of skin cancer associated with overexposure to the sun.



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