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Hair tools

In our range, you will find many types of styling tools and hair tools accessories. A hair tool is a must-have product to style your hair or beard beautifully. With a curling iron, for instance, you can create extra volume and with a trimmer you can easily give your beard a nice, sleek finish. At you can find all the tools you need to create or touch up beautiful hairstyles. So you can get your desired hair style.


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Hair dryer and diffuser

One of the best-known hair tools is the hair dryer. A hairdryer allows you to dry your hair easily and in a short time. Thanks to the device's warm airflow, your hair dries quickly. Do you have curls? Then choose a hair dryer with a diffuser. A diffuser is an attachment that keeps hair in place while blow-drying. This prevents frizzy hair.

Hairdryer brush

For more volume at the roots of your hair, a blow-dryer brush is ideal. With a blow-dryer brush you can also easily create a beautiful blow-out look. Besides blow-dry brushes, you also have round brushes you can use when blow-drying your hair. These create volume and give the hair a nice blow.


When the hair is dry you can start styling it. A straightener will make the hair smooth and beautifully shiny. Hair tools often heat up within a few minutes and glide easily through hair thanks to their plates. A fine straightener is suitable for any hair type.

Curling iron

Beautiful curls are created with a curling iron. The round tong heats up and makes sure your hair falls into a nice wave. A curling iron comes in different diameters, so depending on the size you can create big or small curls. Always use a heat protector to protect your hair from a warming tool


A hair clipper allows you to shave your hair to the desired length or finish a beard tightly. Fully trimmed or an undercut: a good pair of clippers can help. They are available in both cordless and plugged-in versions. They also omen in various sizes.


With a trimmer, you can easily trim the contours of hair or beard and keep a moustache, beard or sideburns sleek. These hair tools often come with several attachment caps to trim hairs to the desired length. Besides a trimmer for head and beard hair, you also have them for ear and nose hair. You can also come to us for clippers and trimmer accessories.

Ordering hair tools from

Hair tools are a must-have in every bathroom. Whether you want to style your hair with a curling iron or touch up with a trimmer. If you would like to use one of the hair tools, you can order them with many advantages at Do you have a question? Our customer service will be happy to help you!


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