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Hair care

Every day is a new opportunity to shine, and that starts with how we take care of our hair. Hair care is more than a routine: it is a ritual that highlights the beauty of your hair and protects it.


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The importance of good hair care

Good hair care is important for maintaining healthy and vibrant hair. It prevents problems such as dryness, damage and split ends. Asa result, your hair will always look its best. Moreover, an appropriate hair care routine can help treatspecific conditions such as dandruff or hair loss.

Hair care: the building blocks of a good routine

The foundation of a good routine lies in using the right hair care and products to suit your hair types and needs. A working routine does not just consist of washingyour hair: it involves steps that work together to nourish, protect and keepyour hair in optimal condition.

  • Shampoo and conditioner are the basics: choosing the right shampoo is essential. It should suit your hair type such as dry, oily, mixed, coloured or damaged hair. Because of this, it has specific needs. A mild shampoo for daily use cleanses your hair and scalp without removing natural oils, while specialised shampoos such as anti-dandruff or volume-boosting options address specific problems. Look for an appropriate shampoo for your needs. In addition, conditioner seals the hair after washing, nourishes and smooths the hair. This makes it easier to comb through. By using a conditioner that suits your hair type, it maintains moisture balance and protects against external damage.
  • Deeper nourishment with hair masks and oils: this form of hair care provides intense hydration and nourishment. They are important for repairing damaged hair, improving hair structure and adding shine. Depending on your hair type and condition, you can choose hydrating, restorative or strengthening masks. Natural hair care with oils
    such as argan oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil offer deep nourishment and are excellent for smoothing hair. It also adds shine and reduces frizz. It can be used on both damp and dry hair and are especially useful for dry or damaged hair ends.
  • Leave-in products for protection and nourishment: this lightweight hair care is left in the hair after washing to provide continuous hydration. It also protects hair from heat and environmental influences as well as making hair easier to comb. If you regularly use heat styling tools, a heat protective product is essential to protect your hair from high-temperature damage.
  • The finishing touch with styling products: depending on your styling preferences and hair type, hair care products like gel and mousse can help shape and fix your hair. They not only provide the desired look, but can also contain nourishing ingredients that keep hair healthy. For the finishing touch and to keep your hairstyle in shape for longer, opt for a hair spray that suits your needs.

Hair care for the most common hair types

For each hair type there is a specific approach to hair care including products designed to meet its unique needs.

Fine hair can get oily easily and often lacks volume. Hair care that can help with this is a volumising shampoo and conditioner. This hair care is specially designed to keep hair light and airy without weighing it down. In addition, a lightweight leave-in spray can provide hydration and a volumising powder or spruce can provide extra body at the hair roots.

Thick hair can be tricky to manage and it sometimes tends to get dry or frizzy. For this, use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner to hydrate and nourish the hair. Weekly use of a deep nourishing hair mask can also provide extra nourishment to reduce frizz. Use a serum or hair oil daily for smoothness and shine.

Curly hair tends to be dry and requires hair care that retains moisture and ultimately improves curl definition. You can achieve this by using moisturising shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for curls. It provides moisture without disturbing the natural oils. You can also apply a curl cream, leave-in conditioner or hair mask for curly hair. This provides deep hydration and nourishment, which ultimately defines your curls and controls frizz.

Damaged hair from colouring, heat styling or chemical treatments needs restorative care. For this, you can use a restorative shampoo and conditioner that strengthens hair and helps repair damage. A protein treatment can also help strengthen and repair hair structure. A leave-in conditioner can additionally protect against further damage caused by styling and environmental influences.

Oily hair quickly becomes greasy at the roots and requires regular cleansing, you can perform this with a balancing or purifying shampoo. It removes excess oils without drying out the scalp. You can also apply a light conditioner to the ends to prevent the roots from getting greasy too quickly. You can use dry shampoo for a quick refresher between washes.

A sensitive scalp that is itchy, red or flaky requires gentle care. You can treat this with a shampoo for sensitive scalp that is free of harsh chemicals, fragrances and sulphates. Soothing conditioner can additionally reduce irritation and leave hair soft. You can also eventually opt for a scalp treatment with specific hair care to calm irritation and improve scalp condition.

Hair care for men

Hair care is not just for women, men also need a hair routine that suits their unique hair type and any hair problems. Whether managing a full head of hair or fighting hair loss, there are products and techniques designed specifically for men's hair care.

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Each hair type requires a unique hair routine with specific products designed to meet its needs. It is important to choose products that are suitable not only for your hair type, but also for any hair problems you want to address. By listening to your hair and its reaction to different hair care products, you can develop a routine that suits you perfectly.


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