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Hair care

Your hair has a lot to endure. We blow dry, color and style it with different tools. The result? Weak and damaged hair that often splits and/or breaks and we don't want that! By giving your hair what it deserves you minimize damage and you will get out of bed with a bad hair day less often. On our hair care page, you'll find everything you need to keep your hair feeling silky smooth.


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The importance of good hair care

For hair to stay healthy and maintain its elasticity, it is important to take good care of it. When the hair lacks certain care it gets damaged faster. This in turn results in dull and lifeless hair. Nutrition plays an important role in nourishing the hair; for example, make sure you get enough healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. In addition to nutrition, hair products are also important for taking care of your hair! Tip: take good care of not only your hair, but also your scalp.

Good hair care not only affects your hair, but also your appearance. Because a healthy & shiny head of hair... That makes you happy!

The best hair care for your hair

In our assortment you will find different products to care for your hair. You can choose from:


A shampoo makes your hair and scalp clean again. It removes excess sebum, sweat, grease and styling product residues. A shampoo is applied and then washed out. For optimal cleansing, it is best to wash your hair twice.

A conditioner is used after washing your hair with shampoo. Conditioner keeps your hair hydrated and closes the cuticle to prevent damage. Let the product soak in and rinse out after a few minutes.

Hair mask

A nourishing hair mask can be applied right after washing your hair. A hair mask penetrates deep into the hair and provides intensive care. Like a conditioner, it closes the hair cuticles and counteracts wear and tear. Do you use a mask and a conditioner? Then always use the hair mask first and then a conditioner.

Leave-in conditioner

A leave-in conditioner is the perfect product to repair dry, lifeless and damaged hair. The product takes time to soak into the hair and you also don't have to wash it out. A leave-in provides quick shots, restores shine to the hair and maintains the hair's moisture level. Many leave-in conditioners also contain heat protection.

Hair tonic

A hair tonic helps thicken your hair. They can fix all types of hair and because they give volume, the hair is also easier to style. Besides providing thickening, the product can also help stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair.

Hair cure

A hair cure gives your hair long-term care. A hair cure can deeply restore hair and be the solution to hair problems or hair loss, among other things. A hair cure usually lasts a few weeks. Take a quick look among our large selection of hair cures for every hair type!

Hair serum

A serum offers many benefits. Among other things, this product makes hair soft, combats frizz and provides shine. A serum also gives the hair a protective layer.

Hair oil

A hair oil penetrates deep into the hair, nourishes dry hair and helps keep it in good condition. The product makes your hair shine beautifully again. You have many types of hair oils for different hair types; for example, you have them for damaged hair, curls or specifically for men.

Dry shampoo

When your hair gets oily quickly or you don't feel like washing your hair every time, dry shampoo is the solution! This product ensures that the oil is absorbed from the hair, making it fresher again. Many dry shampoos also provide a volume boost.

Hair vitamins

Swallowing hair vitamins ensures beautiful, long, healthy and shiny hair. Hair is less likely to break down by taking hair vitamins because the condition of your hair is improved from the inside out. On top of that, the vitamins are very tasty! A win-win situation for you and your hair.

Salontopper hair care

First of all, for a good base, check out our wide range of shampoos and conditioners. Do you have damaged hair that could use some extra love and care? Damaged hair can be restored by our different types of hair masks and leave-in conditioners. Are you blessed with a beautiful bunch of curls, but do you suffer a lot from frizzy hair as a result? Then a fine hair serum is your best friend.


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