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Red One

Red One is a favourite brand in the world of hair care and styling, known for its colourful and fragrant products. With various hair waxes, gels and other styling products, the brand offers solutions for various styling needs. Read more >>


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Features Red One

  • Popular with barbers
  • For many hair types
  • Styling products

Features Red One

  • Popular with barbers
  • For many hair types
  • Styling products

The features and benefits of Red One

Red One products offer unique fragrances that provide a refreshing and pleasant experience while styling hair. In addition, the formulas are developed with high-quality ingredients that ensure an optimal styling experience without weighing down or damaging the hair.

One of the key benefits of Red One products is the long-lasting hold they offer. Whether you want to create a sleek parting, a tousled texture or a bold look, the hair waxes and gels ensure that your hairstyle will last all day. Moreover, the products are easy to apply and restyle. This gives you the freedom to adjust your look throughout the day.

Our range of Red One

At you will find an extensive range of Red One products such as the well-known hair waxes, gels and other styling products. These products are carefully selected to meet the needs of our customers.

One of the most popular product lines of this brand are the hair waxes. These waxes offer strong hold and are available in different variants. Whether you are looking for a natural look or a bold style, these hair waxes allow you to style your hair the way you want.

Besides hair wax, the brand also offers pomade. It gives hair a smooth and shiny look, making it look healthy and groomed. It is perfect for creating classic hairstyles like pompadours, slick backs and side parts.

For those looking for a powerful styling solution, the brand also offers several gels. They are perfect for creating structured, defined looks and they offer strong hold. This makes it ideal for taming thick hair and creating sleek styles.

Buy Red One at

Red One is a colour and fragrance brand that guarantees high-quality styling products. With several products that offer long-lasting hold and flexible styling options, this brand is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to style their hair with flair and confidence.

Frequently asked questions about Red One

Is Red One wax good for your hair?

Most wax products from this brand are water-based, so you can easily wash them out and they won't cause damage to your hair.

Is Red One hair wax suitable for all hair types?

Yes. Hair wax is generally suitable for all hair types. The different variants offer various options such as extra hold, matt or shiny finishes. As a result, there is a suitable option for every hair type.

Can I use Red One hair wax on coloured hair?

Yes. Hair wax can be safely used on coloured hair. To be sure, check if the ingredients of the specific product are suitable for coloured hair to avoid any damage or fading.


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