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The year 1911 led to the birth of the Wahl Clipper. It all started when Sterling High School Junior, Leo J.Wahl, experimented with a vibrating electromagnetic motor and thus developed several devices. Leo tried selling these devices in his spare time at barber stores and soon noticed that there was a great need for good barbering tools. Thus Leo began experimenting with a new electric clipper. On Oct. 14, 1919, Leo J. Wahl applied for a patent on his newly developed electromagnetic clippers, and so began production at the Wahl factory. Wahl today is still largely focused on clippers/trimmers but today they also produce on curling irons, straighteners, brushes + also cleaning stuff/oils for clippers.

Wahl's top sellers

Wahl is known for high-quality hair clippers and trimmers. In almost every hair salon there is a Wahl clipper or Wahl trimmer. Besides being widely used in salons, Wahl is also widely used at home! For example, a huge runner is the Wahl Cordless Super Taper Tondeuse. The clippers have a battery charging time of 150 minutes which is neatly indicated in the display. The Wahl Mobile Shave is also must-have for many. It is a cordless shaver with a compact size and light weight. The following is an important product which makes your clippers last longer namely the Wahl Clipper Oil. The oil ensures that the wear process is slowed down and the blades remain sharper. Poorly oiled cutting blades cause more noise namely a raucous wearing sound and increased vibration, this of course you do not want! The Wahl Cordless Detailer is the barber's favorite trimmer. Equipped with an extremely precise cutting T-Blade designed for detailing and fine contouring, the Cordless Detailer has a battery run time of 100 minutes and is fully recharged in 60 minutes. In addition, it has a cool American look! Finally, the Wahl Detailer Trimmer is a runner that is great for line and detail work. The shaver is powered and has a 2.4-meter cord. The shaving length is 0.4 mm. It is convenient to use because of its light weight, so you can make tighter lines easily.



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