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Transforming hair

Transforming hair is a change in length, color or texture of your hair. There are several ways for changing the hair style. For example, permanent, semi-permanent and temporary hair transformations can already make a big difference. Discover the products in 's range that make hair transforming easy.


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How does hair reshaping work?

Hair transforming can be permanent, semi-permanent or temporary. With papillots, for example, you can turn your hair into temporary curls. The curly result of papillots lasts for a few hours and goes out of your hair easily. Semipermanent change is a hairstyling method where the result disappears after one or two washes. Hair transformations with perms last the longest. This involves using a chemical liquid and then changing the shape. This lasts for several weeks.

Permanent hair reshaping

Sometimes people with curly hair like to have straight hair, or ladies with straight hair dream of a forest of colors: the solution is to permanently transform hair. In this change, curls or waves are added to the hair. This is done by heating the hair with special color pins and applying permanent lotions. The result leaves you with curlier or wavier hair.

Types of Perm

There are different types of perms, such as an alkaline perm, an ammonia-free perm and a digital perm. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages and can give a different type of transforming hair. An alkaline perm is the most common and offers the most control over curl patterns. Ammonia-free perms are gentler on the hair and less harmful to health. Digital perms use hot rollers and a digital temperature control for precision and less damage.

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