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A popular styling product among men is pomade. This originally oil/greasy hair product was mainly used for sleek and smooth hairstyles. A pomade therefore has a smoothing and shiny effect on your hair, for that ecthe Slick Back look. Nowadays there are many water-based and water-soluble variants with the same effect, but easier to wash out. At Salontopper you can find your favorite pomade for sale online so you can walk down the street sleek again.


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Best pomade

There are many types and brands of hair pomade, but which is the best and what should a good pomade meet? It is one of the most popular hair products for men. The styling product is used to create sleek, smooth and often shiny looks. Think 1930s but also 1950s hairstyles. From Peaky Blinders to Grease say! But also new hairstyles like the comb over and wet looks. Back then it was based on fats and oils that were difficult to wash out of the hair, fortunately this has changed now. You still have many different types from brands like Layrite, Suavecito, American Crew and Murray's.

Types of hair pomade

You have all kinds of varieties these days, and it's long gone from being just the greasy cream that's almost impossible to get out. Different types of styling products for men are now being mixed to combine the benefits or styles of 2 products together.

Glossy pomade

Basically, it was always a shiny styling product because of its oily or oil base. Because of this, the looks were also mainly focused on smooth and shiny.

Matte pomade

If you do want to style your hair without it becoming very hard, but not that shiny finish, then there are clay pomades. You can use these for a sleek combed look but without that strong shine.

Water-based pomade

In general, water-based styling products or water-soluble pomades are easier to wash out of the hair. You won't need an extreme amount of shampoo or multiple washes before your hair really feels clean and natural again.

Pomade hair

You can create many different styles and hairstyles with this styling product. You can create with different hairstyles that have been made for decades. In fact, it was one of the first widespread styling products, which is why it can be used for many hairstyles of the past. Consider the following hairstyles:

  • Rockabilly crest; use a variant that also brings texture to get height in your crest.
  • Slick-Back; hair back with a big blob. In this you comb the hair back tightly, or looser, and get a cool look. Very good to combine with a fade or undercut.
  • Smooth side parting; you can't go wrong with this, just have your hair cut in the right style. And for this you can use both a shiny and a matte pomade.
  • Wet look; this can also be done with a gel, but this often becomes hard, for a loose tousled wet look forward use a thin shiny pomade.

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