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Your body does its best to maintain body temperature. One way to cool down is to sweat and this happens mainly under your armpits. So we all sweat, but some sweat more and faster than others. For most people, underarm sweat creates a strong odour. To mask this smell and reduce sweating, you naturally want the best deodorant. At you have come to the right place for all kinds of deodorants.


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Different types of deodorant

Nowadays, there are many different types and effects, such as spray, roller or stick. So you can choose from a wide range. Of course, the smell of the deodorant also plays an important role. So choose an anti-perspirant with a scent you like, so you don't have to worry about unwanted odours or sweat patches on your shirt. At we have all kinds of deodorants; deodorants for men and women, as well as unisex. And anti-perspirant deodorants aimed at reducing perspiration, even if you sweat heavily. So that you are protected from sweating for a long time. We also have all kinds of brands that have their own skin carevision and make the best skin care products for you.

Deodorant spray

A common form is the deodorant spray. In a spray, the anti-transparent and fragrance are combined in liquid form. Together with propellants, you then spray it under the armpits. Advantages of a deo spray are that it spreads the scent strongly and well and often dries quickly. Moreover, it is also easy to top up on the go.

Deodorant stick

A solid form is the deodorant stick. Here, the active ingredients are in the form of a soft soap that you can smear on the skin. Often in a plastic container that you twist up to make it easy to apply every time. An advantage of a deodorant stick is that there is no need to use propellants and it cannot leak, as it is not a liquid but a solid form. In addition, sticks generally give long-lasting protection.

Deodorant roller

Another form of deo that you apply directly to the skin is liquid, namely the deodorant roller. This works with a ball that rolls through the liquid and releases it onto the skin. The liquid has the property of spreading the fragrance well, but at the same time it also manages to apply the antiperspirant directly on the skin. A perfect combination, then. Rollers are often gentler on the skin and can be used directly after shaving without causing irritation.

Natural deodorant

Everything you put on your skin is absorbed by the body to some extent, which is why many people want natural grooming products. Fortunately, these days we also have natural deodorants in our range. These are made from natural ingredients and work equally well against unwanted sweat odours and often also as antiperspirants. Natural deo often contain ingredients such as baking soda, coconut oil and essential oils. They are free of harmful chemicals and parabens, making them an excellent choice for sensitive skin.

Aluminium-free deodorant

For those concerned about the possible health risks of aluminium, we also offer deodorants without aluminium. These products use other ingredients to reduce sweat production and neutralise odour. Aluminium-free deodorants are a good choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies. They often contain natural ingredients such as magnesium and zinc, which safely neutralise odours.

Perspirex and Fagron deodorants

With us, you have come to the right place for various types and brands of deodorant. One of the top brands we offer is Perspirex, known for its powerful antiperspirant effect. Perspirex offers long-term protection against sweating and unwanted odours, even in the most stressful situations. We also have Fagron deodorants in our range. Fagron is known for its high-quality personal care products, including deodorants that are specially designed to care for the skin and protect it from irritation. Fagron offers both traditional and natural options, so you will always find a product that suits you.

Everything for silky smooth skin

Besides our extensive collection of deodorants, we also offer high-quality products that improve your skin. Consider a skin oil. A skin oil is perfect for deep hydration and gives your skin a radiant glow. We also have various body lotions. A body lotion absorbs into your skin quickly and keeps your skin soft and supple all day. Both products are essential for a complete skincare routine and help protect and nourish your skin.

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