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Hairdresser's stool

Are you looking for a comfortable barber stool that will support you during your daily work? Then look no further. At we have a variety of types to choose from that will help you achieve a good ergonomic working posture. Find the right barber's stool that suits you.


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Barber's stools

A barber's stool is also called a barber's bicycle. It is one of the most important salon supplies. The barber's stools give you comfortable and ergonomic support during your daily work. The stools are adjustable in height by means of a gas elevator. This allows you to set the desired height to create the best possible ergonomic posture. Prevent back problems by starting on time with good posture.

Different types

You have different types of barber stools. To alternate standing with sitting during your work, it is important to have a good barber's stool. Which stool do you prefer?

  • Saddle seat: this barber's stool is shaped like a horse saddle, which is why it also has the name saddle seat. It provides comfortable and ergonomic support. This is the stool to choose if your legs and back suffer easily. Because of the saddle sit, you sit nicely upright and the upper legs are relieved. It is a saddle sit stool on wheels. Do you prefer a barber stool with plastic or aluminum base? We have both in our range, namely the Kappersfiets Jockey and the Kappersfiets Fury.
  • Flat seat: this is a barber's stool with a flat seat. Don't like having a molded seat? Then this stool with wheels is what you need. The soft seat makes it feel comfortable. The Rolkruk Crystal has an aluminum base with rubber running wheels.

Spare wheel

Are the wheels of your favorite barber stool worn out, but the stool is otherwise in great condition? Replace the wheels. At we sell spare wheels. Look carefully beforehand to see which wheels fit the stool. Is your stool not rolling so nicely lately or does it give streaks on the floor? You may need to check the wheels and replace them if necessary. Have you already done this?


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