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Hand cream

A hand cream makes your hands look cared for, makes your hands wonderfully soft and combats dry skin. When your hands feel dry, they need moisturising. Nobody wants dry hands that are sensitive... So use a hand cream that suits your skin! Whether this is for sensitive, normal or dry skin: at you will always find a hand cream that suits you!


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Hand cream for dry hands

Do your hands feel dry and tight? Then chances are pretty good that they need hydration. Because the layer around your hands is affected, there is moisture loss in the skin layer and you lose moisture faster. You can replenish this with the right cream and lubricate them well. For this, for example, Mediceuticals Dual Moist Moisturizing Cream 30ml is suitable. Besides moisturising your hands, it is also pH friendly and perfume-free. After using a fine hand cream, you will feel an immediate difference.

Cream for chapped hands

Cracks are small cracks that appear when your skin is very dry. Cracks can be very painful. If they bother you, it is wise to treat them with an extra restorative hand cream. Preferably one that restores moisture. These creams also protect your skin from moisture loss.

Sensitive skin

Notice that you have sensitive skin? Then it is smart to use a cream that does not contain perfume. This can dry out the skin even more. A mild product is best. You have also come to the right place for this at For example, choose the Mediceuticals Saturate Shampoo 1000ml. With sensitive skin, it is important that the cream moisturises but also calms your skin, makes it feel calm and restores it!

Cream and body lotion in one

A hand cream and body lotion in one or as a set is super convenient. It is always important to take good care of your skin. For example, the Eleven Australia Lotion Hand & Body Crème 500ml is perfect for your bathroom to give both your hands and body extra care. Also nice to give as a gift! Finish your hand care ritual with a nice gel varnish on your nails if necessary.

What can I do about dry hands?

Dry hands happen in different ways. Some people suffer from it worse than others. One big factor is the weather. For instance, cold and sun can have a big impact on your hands. You can also get dry hands from frequent washing. To give your hands the right care, it is smart to use a moisturising hand cream. That way, you give yourself ultimate soft and nourished hands.



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