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Mason Pearson

At you will find a wide range of Mason Pearson hairbrushes. When you hold one of the fine Mason Pearson brush you immediately feel the quality and magic of the hairbrush. One thing is for sure, once you get used to a Mason Pearson brush you never want anything else! Besides the fact that it detangles your hair in no time it has many other great features... Read more >>


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Mason Pearson Brush

A brush with history ... in fact, it is a family business that has been around for 130 years. As such, it is full of craftsmanship and innovation. For generations the British design has been loved and still performs as one of the best on the market. Mason Pearson the engineer and inventor of the brand began his career designing looms for processing wool. Not much later Mason was the first to invent a brush drill and thus this wonderful brand was born!

Handmade brush

Within Mason Pearson's range you will find a very wide assortment of hair brushes of only the highest quality. It gently detangles your hair, leaves a beautiful shine and stimulates the blood circulation of your scalp. In short, soft, shiny and healthy hair after using one of Mason Pearson's fine hairbrushes. It took until 1905 to improve and sharpen his technique, which still had to be made largely by hand. Thus was born the pneumatic hairbrush with rubber cushion and he patented his product. The basic product has hardly changed since the 1920s, it still performs magic in the hair and many swear by it!

The different types of brushes

What is the difference in Mason Pearson brushes? It is important to first look at your hair type, consider the thickness of your hair. For example, the Mason Pearson Small Extra Pure Bristle B2 is specifically designed for fine hair. The Mason Pearson BN3 Handy Bristle & Nylon brush is again suitable for normal to thick hair. This is also clearly indicated on the brushes.

How do you clean the Mason Pearson brush?

It is important to keep your hairbrush clean and updated. For this there is a small brush included with the brush that you can regularly clean your brush. Included with the brush is also extensive information on how you can keep your brush in good condition so that it can last as long as possible. For example, do not use detergents to clean your brush, this will damage the bristles and the red cushion. The hair brush is a durable hair product that you can enjoy for years to come! In addition, you can also choose to use the Mason Pearson Hairbrush Cleaner 100ml when cleaning your brush.



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