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Panasonic provides high-quality hair clippers for both professional and home use! The brand has a diverse range of hair clippers and trimmers with corresponding high quality cutting heads. Panasonic's hair clippers and trimmers are designed to fit comfortably in the hand and be ergonomically friendly. Read more >>


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Features Panasonic

  • High Quality
  • Professional hair clippers and trimmers
  • User-friendly tools
  • For professional and home use
  • ergnomic friendly tools

Features Panasonic

  • High Quality
  • Professional hair clippers and trimmers
  • User-friendly tools
  • For professional and home use
  • ergnomic friendly tools

Panasonic tools

Panasonic was founded in 1918 and has since grown into a globally known brand, with a wide range of products. The brand stands for 'future craft': it wants to create with grace, attention, care and elaboration. This is also reflected in the products of the brand, when you go for Panasonic you know for sure that you choose quality!

Panasonic clippers

A clipper is mainly suitable for shaving beard and head hair partially or completely. The device often has adjustable girls or attachments, so you can set the cutting length yourself. Panasonic has a wide range of hair clippers, which allow you to achieve your desired result. The clippers have a good price-quality ratio, are comfortable to hold and are very user friendly.

A popular clipper is the Panasonic ER-DGP82 Tondeuse, it is suitable for both fine counteren and whole haircuts. The built-in Constant Control ensures consistent cutting performance regardless of hair density.

The Panasonic ER1512 Clipper is also a sought-after product. Are you looking for a top-of-the-line clipper, with every feature imaginable? Then you're in the right place with this model! The model is quickly charged and has wear-resistant blades, giving you years of shaving pleasure.

Panasonic trimmer

A trimmer is suitable for trimming facial hair and removes small pieces of hair. For example, a trimmer is perfect for trimming a beard or mustache. A Panasonic trimmer is of high quality and is nice to use.

A trimmer that is widely sold is the Panasonic ER-GP21 Trimmer. This lightweight trimmer has a cutting length of only 0.3 mm and is no longer than 15 cm, which makes shaving along the ears and neck even easier!

Looking for a trimmer that lets you do real precision work? Then the Panasonic eRazor ER-RZ10 is for you! With this rechargeable trimmer you can trim a beard very precisely in shape. This model is also easy to clean and has an abyss safety blade to prevent skin irritation.

Panasonic cutting head

Is the cutting head of your clipper or trimmer in need of replacement? No problem! This you replace quickly and easily for a new Panasonic cutting head, so you can again enjoy a beautifully smooth shaved face. Please note when ordering a cutting head that it is suitable for your model clipper or trimmer.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between trimmer and clippers?

A trimmer is used for detailed work, such as trimming sideburns, a mustache or a beard. A clipper is for big jobs, such as shaving head and beard hair.

Is the cutting head of a Panasonic clipper or trimmer replaceable?

Yes, the cutting head of a clipper or trimmer is usually replaceable. Panasonic offers different types of cutting heads.


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