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Hairdressing cloaks

Hairdressing coats are indispensable in your hair salon. They protect clients' clothing from stains from chemicals, such as paint. Therefore, hairdressing coats are really salon necessities you can't do without. You use them daily with all clients for cutting hair, but also when dyeing. Are you looking for quality robes that you can use for a long time? Then you have come to the right place. Find your favorite hairdressing coats for your salon at


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Professional hairdressing coats

Are you looking for professional hairdressing coats for your hair salon? At we sell the hairdressing coats of various brands. All of these are suitable for professional use. You can easily and properly remove the coats if paint or other chemicals have been spilled. These chemicals did not get on the clothes thanks to the waterproof layer on the mantle. Do you prefer to work with the disposable plastic variety? Then the Salonline Wegwerp Mantels are what you need. Plastic does not let water or other agents through, so the customer is well protected. After use, you don't have to wipe or wash them, they can just be thrown away. A hairdresser's cap coat is indispensable in your hair salon. Which version of the coat do you choose for your hair salon?

A good hairdressing coat

A good hairdressing coat should satisfy a number of points. Most importantly, the coat should protect the client's clothing. Make sure it is also large enough that the client is completely covered. Cap coats should be completely waterproof so that chemicals cannot soak into the clothing and cause stains. They also keep all the hair that has been cut off. This prevents you from coming home with all the stinging hairs poking through your clothes. Hooded robes should also fit snugly at the neck. If this is too loose, chemicals and water can run down the client's neck and the hairs can fall behind this. Multiple snaps at the end of the hooded cloaks allow them to fit snugly to the client's neck. There are also cloaks with sleeves so that the client can read the magazine, look at the phone or even work just a little easier. Still looking for more hairdressing supplies? We have a wide range of professional products you can use in your hair salon.


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