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Eleven Australia

Eleven Australia is a brand for various hair products. The name says it all, as it was founded in Australia by two Australians. The start was with one product and now the range has grown into a complete brand with more than 25 products. Eleven Australia has products for every hair type in its range. Do you need more volume? Do you want to keep your blonde locks beautiful? Or are you looking for products that moisturise? Eleven Australia has it all! Plus, all their products are colour safe, cruelty free, paraben free and vegan.


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Types of Eleven Australia products

Eleven Australia's range consists of different products, each with different goals. For example, are you looking for more hydration? Then the hydration line is definitely for you. Should you be done with coarse and frizzy hair, you can try the Smooth Me Now line. If your hair is damaged, the Repair My Hair could be the solution. Besides these three great lines, there are many more different options.

Styling and finishing

Besides the brand's Eleven Australia shampoos, conditioners and hair masks, you'll find several styling products in the range. With the special styling & finish line, you can easily create your favo hairstyle. These include hairspray, creams, paste, dry shampoo and wax.

Ingredients from Eleven Australia

Eleven Australia products are known for their fine use and best ingredients. For instance, the products include hydrolysed wheat and soya proteins. These provide more volume. The accacia seed in the products provides nourishment and care. The argan oil, among other things, provides shine and makes your hair soft. Eleven Australia products also contain oils of avocado, coconut and orange.

Are Eleven Australia's products suitable for your hair type?

The brand's products are suitable for different hair types, including curly, straight, thin and thick hair. The range is diverse and offers solutions to suit specific needs, so everyone can find the ideal product for their hair type.

What products are recommended for styling short hair?

The brand has recommendations for styling short hair. The Sea Salt Texture Spray is ideal for creating texture, while styling creams like the Styling Cream can be used for shape and control.

Which products are recommended for dry hair?

For dry hair, the Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo is recommended. With this, the accompanying conditioner can be used. Enriched with Australian macadamia oil, these products provide deep hydration and restore moisture balance. This leaves hair soft and healthy.

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