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Digital scales

With a digital scale, weighing out your hair coloring products is no longer a problem! You weigh the products precisely to the gram, for the right mix ratios. This allows you to create the most beautiful color results. Do you already use a digital scale for weighing the paint, developers or bleach? Make it easy on yourself and shop a scale hairdresser now at


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Hairdresser's scale

A digital hairdresser's scale is used for weighing the hair coloring products, such as the hair dye, bleach and developers. By weighing these products, you ensure the right mixing ratio, because with a digital scale you weigh the products to the gram. You get the right balance of hair dye and developer. This ensures the best results when coloring your hair. Also, this way you do not use too much of your products and avoid throwing away half of them. Are you still looking for a good digital hairdresser? Then is the place to be! Make weighing your hair coloring easier by using a good digital scale.

Types of scales

The most common scale hairdresser is the digital scale. These are available in different colors and features. Would you like a waterproof scale? Then we recommend the Sibel Waterproof Weegschaal. It is a black digital scale that is great for weighing hair coloring. Put a dye tray on the scale and put the products in it. You will immediately see how many grams you added. This way you get the right balance of products for your hair coloring. Making the hair coloring has never been easier or faster! Make sure you set the number of grams to zero after you put the container on the scale.


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