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Dye accessories

Dye accessories you need to dye your hair and change your look. With the right dye accessories, dyeing your hair will be a success. From a tube press and glasses protectors to a color stirrer and skin protection, you've come to the right place for dye accessories at Salontopper. Explore our selection and enjoy the convenience during the dyeing process.


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Indispensable paint accessories

While painting, you need several products. First of all, it is important to have the paint, a paint tray and a brush. These tools allow you to mix the hair dye and apply it accurately. A brush with soft bristles allows for easy gliding through your hair. Furthermore, you can use a blender such as the Framar Mighty Mixer to mix the hair dye. For additional help, there are several other accessories that can help you.

Protective paint accessories

To prevent the paint from getting on your skin or clothing, you can use protective paint accessories. For example, Remover Wipes allow you to remove paint where it shouldn't be. In addition, you can use Skin Protection to protect your skin from the paint. When you have people with glasses in the styling chair, it is nice to use the Comair Spectacle Protectors. These keep the legs of your glasses clean while dyeing your hair.

Functional accessories

In addition to protective dye accessories, there are several functional dye accessories. For example, the Indola Color Scoop can help you add a precise content to the mixture. In addition, the Comair Tubepress helps you squeeze out paint tubes.

Professional and home use

Salontopper's paint accessories are suitable for both professional hairdressers and home hairdressers. The accessories help you successfully color your hair into the desired model. Whether you change a complete hair color or go for some highlights: the accessories help you.


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