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Fagron is known for its high-quality pharmacy products that are trusted by professionals and consumers alike. This brand, which originated in Rotterdam, has developed into a global player in pharmaceutical raw materials since 1990. Read more >>


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Discover the versatility of Fagron products

Fagron's product line is broad and diverse, with a special focus on sensitive skin. For example, Lichtvettende bad en douche lotion is a godsend for those looking for a lightly greasy and caring lotion . It is ideal for daily use and can be used directly on the skin or in bath water. For those struggling with excessive sweating, Fagron's Aluminium Chloride Solution Depper 20% provides effective relief. Easily applied before bedtime, the product helps reduce perspiration.

Special care for toddlers

Fagron also thinks of the delicate baby skin with a range of products that put safety and gentleness first. Fagron Derma Baby products contain carefully selected ingredients and are free of perfume and unnecessary additives, so your baby gets the gentle care he or she deserves.

Vaseline and creams for daily comfort

Besides specific solutions, Fagron also offers a range of Vaseline and cream products that provide daily comfort. Whether moisturising dry skin or protecting it from the elements, Fagron has a tailor-made solution.


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