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Shower gel

Having a nice shower gel will help you relax in the shower after a long day. Or it will help you wake up in the morning, or freshen up after a sporting activity. This is where the perfect shower gel is indispensable. Cleanse and care for your skin and come out of the shower refreshed. Find your perfect shower gel with delicious fragrances here.


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Types of shower gel

There are many different types of shower gel available. Cream, oil, gel, foam or soap bar, it is all possible nowadays. Consider what you like to use and what suits your skin. The effect on the skin of the different variants can vary from product to product. One cream will degrease the skin, while another cream is good for dry skin. For this, look carefully at the ingredients the shower gel contains. In addition to the texture, there are many different scents and colors available, this you can buy entirely according to your taste.

The best for your skin

The best shower gel varies from person to person, this depends mainly on the type of skin you have. Each skin type needs different care. There are 4 skin types that can be distinguished. These are dry skin, oily skin, normal skin and sensitive skin. It is important that you know which skin type you have and which shower gel suits it.

Dry skin is best cleansed with oil. It will ensure that the skin does not dry out, but stays hydrated through the thin layer of oil left on the skin. With oily skin, you can basically use any shower gel, but oil is a little less convenient. However, it is still good to use a product specifically for oily skin. For sensitive skin, the ingredients aloe vera or cucumber are important. This will not irritate the skin, but will refresh it well. Are you lucky enough to have normal skin? Then you can use almost any shower gel.

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