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Hair perfume

A hair perfume creates a wonderful scent in the hair, when you flip your hair over your shoulder a great scent experience is released time after time. A hair perfume contains special ingredients that give your hair extra care without damaging it. Finish your styling routine with a wonderful hair perfume that lasts all day!


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The best hair perfume

Are you looking for a fine hair perfume for your hair? Then you have come to the right place at A must-have product that really should not be missing in your bathroom. Read more about our bestsellers:

  • The Moroccanoil Brumes de Maroc gives a wonderful scent to the hair thanks to the mix of spicy amber and sweet floral notes. Each spritz takes you to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The Biosilk Therapy not only makes your hair smell like jasmine and honey, but will also provide your hair with essential ingredients. It leaves your hair beautifully shiny and provides extra care.
  • The Goldwell Kerasilk Color haarparfum reactivates the freshly washed hair scent and masks + protects against unpleasant odors. It also makes your hair silky soft, adds shine and prevents static.

What is the difference between a hair perfume and a normal perfume?

A normal perfume often contains alcohol. When you spray this into your hair it can dry out your hair, which is something you don't want. Especially when you have colored your hair this is a shame because even your hair color can fade faster. A hair perfume or hair mist is specially developed to give your hair a nice smell but also to give it extra care. It prevents damage to the hair and also makes it shine beautifully.

How to use a hair perfume

Follow the following steps for application:

Step 1: spray it evenly over your hair after styling.
Step 2: try to keep at least 10 centimeters away when applying.
Step 3: let it soak in gently for a while.

Tip: do not spray your hair perfume on your clothes, it often has extra conditioning properties including oils which can cause stains in your clothes.


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