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A hair gel ensures that your hair is strengthened and stays nicely in shape all day. At we have a wide range of gels from several top brands. Find a professional good hair gel that suits your hair type, whether you choose a light or strong hold, at you will find the best hair gel!


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What different types are there?

It is important to first consider your hair type and what is your goal of your look? Do you have thick hair and want it to hold up well? Then go for a gel with a strong hold. If you have thinner hair and don't need it to be so hard and firm then you can go for a light hold and hold. You can also choose your favorite hairdressing brand. Think for example Wella, Schwarzkopf, Goldwell or Red One. So first look for yourself at what degree of hold your hair needs and in addition what look you want to create.

What is the best hair gel?

For thicker hair or, for example, for a sleek look, gel is a top product. A hair gel feels wet when applied but dries quite quickly when applied. It ensures that it keeps your hair in shape all day long. You don't even have to look at it anymore, how nice! Hair gel is suitable for both men and women! If you have thinner hair you can go for a light hold or possibly a volume powder or hairspray so your hair doesn't get too hard.

Hair gel for men

Are you looking for a product that will keep your look in place all day long? Then hair gel is your livesaver! It is impossible to imagine a man's bathroom without it. Why not? Because gel keeps the hair in place and is also suitable for rain and strong winds. No more bad hair days when using your favorite hair gel. If you like to re-style your hair then you should opt for a wax, for example. A wax does not harden the hair and is easy to restyle.

How to use a gel?

It depends, of course, on what look you are going for. If you want your hair to stay upright, choose a strong hold and apply it to dry hair. Are you going for a wet look, for example? Then apply it to damp hair. Then follow the following steps.

Step 1: take a small amount of the gel.
Step 2
: Divide the product between both hands.
Step 3
: Then apply it to towel-dried hair or dry hair.
Step 4
: easily create your desired look in the hair. For example, are you going for a messy look? Then knead it well into your hair.


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